Capri Island Tour has 3 simple guidelines:

1. Change your point of view
There are many experiences that make life worth living, that feed the body and spirit, that become part of the life experience that will always be with you.
Visiting Capri is definitely one of those experiences. The millions of tourists that for more than a century have visited Capri to experience the amazing life of the “blue island“ are proof.
To make this journey a unique memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life, change your point of view, and be dazzled by the stunning sights to be seen from the water; the amazing rock formations, the grottos, the bright colors of water that range from the lightest emerald to the deepest blue will fill your soul with unforgettable emotions. Changing your point of view will allow you to see Capri in a new and exciting way and will enrich your experience of the island immensely.

2. Relax and enjoy
The tranquility of spending a day or just a couple hours on a private boat, away from the chaos and the crowds of thousands of tourists will completely change your perspective about the island.
To enjoy, to find yourself, to forget life’s troubles, nothing works better than a day on a private boat tour around the island. Enjoy its stunning views, the quiet of the waters that surround you, and its distant horizons.

3. At your service
Capri Island Tour boats are “gozzo” boats - the most popular style of boat for tours around the island.
Every year these boats are maintained and improved to ensure every possible comfort for you and to make your experience a relaxing adventure.
Antonello and Daniele not only provide experienced navigation but excellent customer service. We set this guideline to remind us of how lucky we are to be able to offer an experience that will be in your memory for the rest of your life. We are at your service.

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